orange gel clumps at bottom of cage


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My chameleon's cage has orange globs of some sort of gel substance. It is not the gel chunks that come with the crickets. does anyone know what this is from?
I'm guessing its urate, orange/yellow coloring is indicating your chameleon is dehydrated and needs more water, could you post a picture so we can see what it is?
orang globs

Thanks for the replies! So I have scooped the blobs out and took a pic. They remind me of the gel substance to feed the crickets but I am sure I did not drop in any pieces this big and I haven't noticed them until today. Is it possible that a small piece has fallen in and become saturated w water and grown? Thank you for your time!


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I wonder if the cricket could ingest enough of the gel that it would remain intact and pass through the chameleon...
is your chameleon a male or female? it could possibly be either a urate, or it could be a sperm plug, I'm not so sure though. they do look like the yellowish orange gel for crickets.
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