Opinions? -Sick baby cham


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Perfect! Great job and you can chalk up your persistence to success. Can you share a pic or start new thread? Every story is a learning tool for someone..
Personally: I would enjoy seeing a short clip of your shot skills or a few pics in sequence of course someone helping or clips form the video).

Thanks for sharing. (y)
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I have worked in a few pet shops. I know that standard procedure for taking care of a sick baby animal is to place him/her in the backroom and keep them clean and warm. They usually try to fix the problem with a heat lamp...sometimes this works., sometimes it doesn't. A sick animal will stay as close to the heat source as possible. As the patient improves the heat lamp is removed, but this has to be done gradually, they have to be weaned from that heat source. I'm not sure if I would have left my chameleon at the pet shop for monitoring....it depends on the pet shop and what the workers know about the animal and it's husbandry. I'm sure you did what you felt was best for your chameleon, and that in time he will come home with you..still when that day comes I would feel best if he were examined by a reptile, exotics veterinarian...just to be sure. He may be ready to come home any day now, and I sincerely wish you all the best with your new baby! Good Luck!!
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