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Hugh Wahl

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Okay I go to the pet store on an emergency light run, all they have are iguana light 5.0 UVB light. No reptisun. The 18 year old kid behind the counter said no difference between the two. It makes sense but before I drop 40 on a bulb what do u guys think. More inclined to believe hardcore chameleon heads then a kid workin for beer money.
If possible, you can just order one for cheaper than that with shipping included. Then you get what you want and save money.
You'll be fine with the iguana light.... it's just a 5.0 in a green box. But why not just wait the day it would take for the lamp to come up from FL in the mail and save about $20 by ordering from ReptMart? Your cham can go almost a week with now UVB light in a serious pinch... I wouldn't say it's a good idea, but you could do it and give the cham some natural sunlight to make up for the lack of fake UVB.
Thank for the info guys, I'm definitely going to just order one and save the money. didn't kno they could go that long without a UVB bulb. I,ll get him some sun tomorrow suppose to be warmer around my area. Thanks again guys
There is no difference between the "iguana" light and the ordinary reptisun. Its just that iguanas are commonly kept and it is easier for newbies to see that that is the correct light for iguanas :)
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