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My boy has been opening his mouth for a little while now. I notice that he is just starting his shed. He opens his mouth and flips his head back and forth. Is he just trying to wiggle out of his skin? Sometimes he doesnt whip his head back and forth when he opens his mouth..


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yes he is trying to break the skin to shed when he is moving back and forth. holding it open just randomly for long peiords of times could mean something is wrong like he is too hot or he could have a respiratory infection.
He also makes a little sound like if i blew air out my nose really quik when i pick him up or move him. like he is warning me to stop bothering him, or is this the sneez that is associated with respiratory infection?


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Sounds more like a hiss. If it were respiratory he would make the hiss sound even when you aren't touching him. without filling out the how to ask for help I am just guessing as I don't know enough about your cage and chameleon. When your Chameleons mouth is open is there exctra mucus? bubbly saliva? Do you hear any clicking or popping sounds when he is breathing? You will hear the sounds more when your handling him. Any mucus coming from his nose?
His mouth is pretty yellow, but not much saliva and it isn't really stringy or anything. When his mouth was open earlier ther was a slight clicking type sound. When I get back to my computer I will fill out the form as I am on my fone. Thankk you for the replies.
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