Opening his mouth alot


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Hi I entered my room and found steve at the top on his basking spot opening his mouth several times and then suddenly leaving it open for long amounts of time, do you know what could be causing this ? and or what should I do about it?
I really hope you can tell me something about it
Cage Type - screeining on all sides ,30h*27w*24l
Lighting - 60watt basking spot, and a 5.0 uvb light
Temperature - about 90 to 70 during the day, about 60 at night
Humidity - generally around 80, with misting, natural humidity and plants
Plants - pothos, and hibiscus
Location - in my room, people enter a couple of times a day, I am there alot, it has no air vents or anything near, the nearest thing is a window and it's still not very close

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Veiled, male, between one and two months old
Feeding - I put about 20 small crickets in a feeding cup, dusted with calcium, every morning once a day, if he has finished them up when i return ,i put in some more
Supplements - almost every day, calcium with d3, repcal, and once a week, hrptivite multivitamins
Watering - I mist dor about ten minutes twice a day with warm water, and continuesly put dripping cups at several different times, i don't see him drinking.
Fecal Description - At first they were al black and white, since a while back they had a little yellow tip on them, and the last I found was also black and white
History - none
Current Problem - He keeps opening is mouth on his basking spot, ALOT.

The simplest thing to experiment with is the basking temperature. It may just be too hot for him. Try moving the basking light a few more inches away. With what and where did you measure the basking temp? It can be easy to be waaaay-off if not measured correctly.
hi, I'm using a diigital termometer used commonly for cars so it has an interior, exterior messurment, and I placed the sensor hanging from the top near the basking spot. He just recently stopped, if he does it again I will at least angle the bulb,
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