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Well the time has come to purchase the chameleone. I can get one directly from Chameleon Company for a little less then a local place. Do you guys think its alright to go with one being shipped to me? How is Chameleon Company's reputation? Are they a good place to buy chams? Do you guys think its ok that they said they don't handle their chams really at all or will this cause problems down the road? Thanks guys.. Buying my panther this week. Just gotta find the right Ambilobe..
ChamCo has a great reputation. It is good that they don't handle their chams... remember, chameleons are not animals that are comfortable being handled. It adds stress to their life, and if done regularly, it will shorten their life span. People ship chameleons all the time, and as long as they are healthy, they do well. Your local pet store almost definately had their chameleons shipped to them. A company like ChamCo knows how to ship chameleons, and, barring any unforseen problems with the shipping itself, it will arrive in good shape. You can always research a company that you plan to buy from on the Board of Inquiry at Fauna Classifieds before purchase. This will give you a good idea of who you are dealing with.

I have heard good things about ChamCo as well.

I just bought a BB ambilobe from FLChams though, and I have to say that Mike was extemely helpful, and he made it easy for a first time cham buyer like myself. I'm sure that anyone else who has bought from him can attest to the quality of his chameleon's also. Good luck with your new purchase!
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