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Well, first my male Tommy has been treated on and off as he has lost proper use of one of his front feet. On Tuesday evening I had to have my one remaining female sugar glider put to sleep as she wasn't showing any improvement:(. Now, as if I hadn't had enough of sick pets, Amy has got a swollen toe and needs vet care too! :mad: My vet is gonna wonder what on earth I do to my pets! I can't wait for the New Year to start - maybe things will improve next year!
Yes he is, but he doesn't always charge for follow up visits for check ups. They are cheaper than the vet I used to go to (I switched to get a second opinion on Tommy and now take all the 'exotic' pets to him) - plus he's the 'zoo' vet here on the Island. It was under 10GBP to have Bubble put to sleep - I was expecting it to be more than that! I miss her though. :( She became a proper bra baby during her last week :D and wanted to be cuddled all the time, so we have lots of happy memories. I'm going to make a memorial thread for her soon when I've uploaded her last few pics.
Hang in there, it does seem like the tough times just get tougher, but one thing is for sure-your animals were/are lucky to have you in their lives!
Tiff, I'm sorry you are having to go through all this. I'm hoping the New Year will turn everything around for you.
I know what you mean about tough times, i lost my grandmother on the 18th December and it will be her funeral on the 30th December the day before my 22nd birthday. Not looking forward to Christmas or my birthday but gonna try and enjoy them mainly for my little nieces and nephew.

I'm so sorry to hear about bubble but you did the right thing. Hope Amy recovers very quickly. :D
Tiff there is just no way to prevent a digging accident. Little angel Amy will be fine, this isn't like the serious issue with Tommy. Think of this as a blip, it will be over soon.:) We are all in her corner
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