One sexy super ...


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It is a good shot if I may say so myself. I dont go looking to take photos ... I see them as they happen and then run to get my camera. I really like taking photos of the supers latelly ... this is a CB female I hatched out about 5 months ago.

I wonder why your CB stuff is always more colorfull then the wc's what are you feeding them haha

that is a really sexy super amazing color on her
I don’t know what the deal is with the orange color … a bunch of my F2 brev babies were all orange as well but when they matured they lost that color and went to the typical brown/grey/black. Maybe it’s the orange soda I mist them with.

Sorry for the pic being down … the university server that hosts the pic pooped itself and its been down for quite some time.

My guess is there is Beta-Carotenoids in their diet

Well not all my pygmies have this color and her boyfriend is completely tan … interesting observation. I probably have no more or no less then anyone else when it comes to betas in the feeder food however I do probably supplement more then the average keeper and so far haven’t run into any problems with that … proof is in the pudding.

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