One says good, other says bad!?


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I just bought an unbrella plant because i was looking online and a few sites said that it was a good plant to place in the cage. Then after i rearranged all of the plants and branchs and fixed the whole cage i went to this sites links for plants and 1 said good and another said bad. I have no idea what to think. Someone help. Is an unbrella plant good or bad!?:confused: :confused: :eek:
Look at the pictures of scheffelara on the plant pages on this forum ....those are good.
Money tree (also a sheffelara) is bad.


I use lots of umbrella plants (Dwarf Schefflera) in baby setups and large ones for adults. No problems over about 2 years. Good choice. Re-pot in something like SuperSoil potting soil. Wash the leaves with a mild soap to remove pesticides etc.
From what I understand (from another member on the forum) the variety that is called a money tree is toxic.
Just passing on info. Don't know for sure if it's right or wrong.
I think it's best to play it safe so I wouldn't consider using the money tree.

Thanks Brad. I wasn't planning on using one for the furute cham, I was just gaining knowledge. I was, however, contemplating getting one for a gecko tank of mine, but if it's possibly toxic, I will steer clear. =o)
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