One Beautiful MALE Veiled Chameleon and every accessory you need!!! (Asking $250)

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Under 2 years old well established Veiled that lives primarily outdoors--except for winter. Fed with crickets and superworms as staple but eats many things.

I'm moving out of state and unfortunately cannot take him with me. Want to sell everything together and I think this setup would be perfect for someone just starting the hobby.

Outdoor Cage
L7'xW2'xH4' (7 ft long, 2 feet wide, 4 feet tall)

Copper Sprinkler system (Outside spicket connection)
Chicken Wire Bottom - strong enough to hold plants, makes for easy cleaning
Top section is all screened
Bottom section is partially screen, partially glass -allows for wider spectrum of temperature/humidity

Indoor Cage
L2'xW2'xH4' (Strong plastic coated wire)

Also Included:
3 heat lamp fixtures (for incandescent bulbs)
2 Reptisun 5.0 tube lights w/ fixtures (15" and (24" -like new) (24" fixture double bulb- incandescent and uvb)
Rep-Cal Calcium Powder w/without d3
Reptivite Vitamin powder
Reptaid Medicine (with brand new syringe)
Some old dry-gutload (seems to work fine-but use primarily fresh fruits/veggies)
Silk Worm Chow
2 Large Tupperware containers (Cricket/roaches successfully kept in each)
2 Small cricket keepers (used for cup-feeding or to raise silkworms)
Cen-Tech Infrared Thermometer (Laser Pointer)
2 Digital Thermometers (Probe and area)

Outdoor Cage Water Timer (Settings for every day up to 3x a day-connects to outside spicket)
1 Automated Light timer
2 Holmes Humidifiers (wall sockets) (one used-one new)


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