Omerta :)


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I havent had my good camera for tha last week so i havent been able to get good pictures of my little guy. But i finally got the Nikon charged and my zoom lens cleaned being that i had to take these pcitures from across my room cuz my little guy is still kinda scared of me at the front of his cage.

His name is Omerta, he is a holdback male from Lancecham from the Lucifer bloodline :) He is about ~2.5 months old





I cant wait to see his adult colors! While my veiled from steve was so nice and everything went so smoothly it seems like this is just going back and forth with this baby panther! I know he is eating at least 6 crickets a day ( i throw 6-8 in his cup and another 4-6 free range and i can usually only find one or two at night, and he will drink off the leaf in front of me :) Temps have been a slight issues. He seems to only relax and color up a bit around 83-85* and im constantly worried about cooking him :/ His ambients are in the mid-high 70*s (74-77*)

Thanks for looking!
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