Ok for veiled not to take greens

Chameleon Loco

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Ive tried ever since I got my chameleon to eat greens but all he seems be instrested in is worms and crickets. Is it bad that he does not eat greens?


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No it should be fine if you're gutloading properly. They're primarily insectivores and all the other species seem to be fine without them.


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They don't all like greens. My guy used to take bites out of his plants, but he grew out of it. Eating greens straight is not essential to their survival :)

Chameleon Loco

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Thanks for the help

Yeah I gutload my crickets with cricket crack and give them carrots and fruits for water as for my superworms they are housed in oatmeal and given apples for water.


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My chameleons have no sense of adventure, they don't eat fruit or veggies, just insects. Never have and it seems never will.
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