OK al little annoyed and making 0 progress! Please help me out.


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My dh is out buying the 5.0 tubular lighting and duel hoods for the 3 cages and plant light so my ficus trees won’t die! The issue I am having is finding the calcium only powder to shake my crickets in as of right now I have been using the Stickey Tongue farms Calcium/Mineral Supplement for indoor Phos free W/D-3 . Pet Co I am not even going to say it! They have no clue what I am talking about and no knowledge what so ever when it comes to Chams. Please help me out links whatever you have so I can get this ordered. :confused:

Forgot to add I also have the Rep-Cal Phos free Calcium w/D3 powder as well but haven’t used it just the one mentioned above .
i got my two versions of cal from sticky toungues i use the red and the yellow..the yellow once a month or so, and the red about once a week..( so with d3 once a month and without d3 once a week) seems to work for me..i ordered from mullberry farms its in the sponsors section..good luck!
I have the red,yellow and vit-all. LLL is the cheapest place to find it. Around$6 per...
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