Ohio Reptile shows


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Are there any good reptile shows that anyone has been to in OH? I sww next month there is one in Columbus and Im working on the wife to get a panther for my birthday.... it could happen...... anyways just curious as to if any of you have been before and are they worth going to or are they mostly snakes and stuff? Will be hard to get the wife to go when there are snakes, and I know they will be there but if there are cute things she will want to go more....
Hey Ren,
You may want to try this website, it has listings for the cleveland reptile shows, which are usually the first or second weekend of each month, they usually have a good selection of chams. there. http://www.freewebs.com/shrz/
Good luck on getting your panther!
I'm from Ohio and have talked to some regulars who attend both the cleveland and columbus one. They've told me that it is a great place to go and make contacts, as well as look to purchase an animal. They seemed to remember there being a decent assortment of animals at each of these. But, i guess, it kind of depends on which you attend. Theres bound to be ones that are kind of dull compared to others. Also, depending on the type of panther youre looking for, there seems to be some breeders around the akron/cleveland area.
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