Oh no! Cham stuck in shipping!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Panthergirl11, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Panthergirl11

    Panthergirl11 New Member

    My new female chameleon from Reptoman shipped via FedEx today. And the worse thing happened! She got stuck at their Memphis hub! There was a delay and she didn't leave there till 3:30pm! Shes on her way here but wont get here till the morning! I'm hoping they took care of her and didn't leave her in the heat! This sucks!
  2. KarmaChameleon1337

    KarmaChameleon1337 Avid Member

    I hope she arrives healthy and not too stressed. Sadly this is why a lot of people hate shipping. Are there cooling packs in there as I've heard a lot of people use?
  3. Panthergirl11

    Panthergirl11 New Member

    I have no clue if the put cool packs in there. Those would help a lot right now.
  4. reptoman

    reptoman Avid Member

    She left at 8pm CST last night from here so cold packs would be useless as of now. She is at least in air conditioned space overnight. Hoping for the best. First time for everything unfortunately :(
  5. JonRich

    JonRich New Member

    She'll be fine. I have had 2 Chams stuck in Memphis ( it seems to be the FedEx black hole). They both arrived just fine the following day!
  6. Panthergirl11

    Panthergirl11 New Member

    That's good to hear!
  7. HolyToledo

    HolyToledo New Member

    Fingers and toes crossed for her speedy and safe arrival!
  8. PantherEnvy

    PantherEnvy Established Member

    You will still worry throughout the night because your baby is all by herself.
  9. Panthergirl11

    Panthergirl11 New Member

    Good news! The lady from FedEx called and assured me that they will keep her inside in the ac overnight. She even opened the box and told me she looked fine! yay! She should be here in the morning.
  10. Whatcamo

    Whatcamo New Member

    That's good news
  11. Kmw

    Kmw New Member

    Glad you heard about your little girl. I know if it was me i'd be up all night stressing, not even able to do anything to distract me from it! At least you got some peace of mind. :)
  12. HolyToledo

    HolyToledo New Member

    Yeah! Glad for the good news. That was very nice of them to do that for you!
  13. blackened

    blackened New Member

    Not long to wait now :)!!!

    I'm glad the FedEx lady was so nice. Let us know she gets home safe n sound :)
  14. ibdragons

    ibdragons Established Member

    That was nice of the fedex lady .
  15. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    I am amazed at a fed ex person opening a box like that, even more amazed that fed ex would allow it. This time it was good but it makes you wonder.
  16. drcrossfire

    drcrossfire Avid Member

    I think there is something that you agree to when shipping perishables or live items that allows them to open it if they feel it is necessary.
  17. IronHulk

    IronHulk New Member

    Now I am waiting too , hope everything is ok . Did she arrive ?
  18. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    We are all waiting for an update and praying that it will be a good one.
  19. Elizadolots

    Elizadolots New Member

    Did you ask the Fed Ex lady to open the box? If not, I find that inappropriate.

    Hopefully you have her now and everything is okay.
  20. DanSB

    DanSB Avid Member

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