Oh My God

Miss Lily

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Looks like the pic has been 'modified' to me! On closer inspection the spines on the belly/under the chin don't go all the way along - they stop just below the front leg!


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It's a Floundemeleon! Very rare indeed. :D

Seeing the fly and the goofy tongue action, I would think the photo may have been "enhanced" :rolleyes:


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100% fake. I know this from seeing many shoops in my lifetime. :rolleyes:

Agreed, the tongue is a dead-giveaway, as well as the fly.


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I work in Photoshop every day and can tell you without a doubt that is a very very dodgy photoshop job. Who ever did it did not even bother to clear his cloning tracks. You don't even have to zoom in to see it.
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