Off to the new hampshire reptile show

I am excited that I will be going to my first reptile show today. It is even more exciting that my husband and son are coming too. I have had a reef tank for about 2 1/2 years and no one is really interested in participating in that hbooy. My husband has been mentioning the spot where my 6 foot reef would e a great place for a very large 6 feet long 8 feet tall custom made enclosure for rocky my panther baby. Even after only a few days I find these chameleon more satisfying tham all my years collecting coral. My 8 year old would also like a lizard not a chameleon of course so we will get to check out all kinds for him. It has to be something i like since I will probably be doing alot of the caring for it ;). Hopefully I can take pics and post them.
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