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Hermie is starting to worry me with his new behavior, and I'm wondering if anyone has any comments on it. He has been doing great lately ... gaining weight slowly (a gram or so a week), he has eaten well, including today (at least 3 crickets for breakfast and I gave him three wax worms as a treat, and then 1 cc of his banana/oatmeal babyfood at lunch). But all of a sudden he is hiding under his log ... I mean he literally had to crawl and shimmy to get under this thing. I pulled him out once, and he went back under there. He is shedding right now, so maybe it's more humid under there and he's trying to help the shedding process (he started shedding yesterday morning)? I just resprayed down his cage incase, but he just went back under there. He's still a nice bright green, so his coloring isn't telling me that he's stressed, but this doesn't seem like normal chameleon behavior....
He could be simply trying to cover himself from you. It is possible he did not have the energy to do so before. This is just a guess. Is he climbing much? Does he sleep laying down or perched?
That is kind of unusual behavior. I'm not quite sure how big the log is that you have in there, but I have a similar set up for my leopard gecko and she always wanders in there to shed because of the high humidity. Who knows, maybe this is just a new adaptation Hermie has acquired since he was unable to climb well for so long. Good luck!
He did sleep last night up on one of this plants, so maybe he was just hunting for higher humidity as he is shedding ... i upped the humidity in his cage in case that's what he wanted. He ate today also, and isn't acting odd other than that (I haven't seen him pull it again) so maybe he was just trying to hide also. His cage is a little sparse, as we're slowly giving him things back to climb on, as his strength increases.

Thanks for the suggestions and advice, I'll be keeping an eye on him as always.
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