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The photo submission deadline for the October contest is October 15.


The winner of this month's contest will receive the book:
The Panther Chameleon

The Panther Chameleon: Color Variation, Natural History, Conservation, And Captive Management is an in-depth scientific reference and resource to all aspects of this species of chameleon. 69 stunning color photographs illustrate this technical reference with information on everything from thermal biology and social behavior to proper nutrition, conservation issues, necessary housing and environmental considerations for captive chameleons, reproductive and breeding issues, and much more. Charts of highly specific color variations as described on a 360-degree color wheel distinguish The Panther Chameleon as the guidebook of choice for truly serious herpetologists.

Chris Anderson has a review of the book at Chameleon News; you can view the article directly by clicking here. Already own this book? You can always offer it as a gift to a friend, or you can request an amazon.com gift certificate instead.

Please view the contest rules before submitting a photo. [thread=102]Click here to access the contest rules[/thread].

Shipping will be covered by The Chameleon Forums in most circumstances. If there is a problem with shipping to your specific country, you will be notified before voting begins. A solution can always be found. There are currently no members that I am aware of where shipping would be a problem.

How To Enter The Contest:
  • To submit your photo, click here.
  • Fill out the submit form and click submit.
  • You are welcome to change your submitted images or update their description anytime before the submission deadline.
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Hi Brad,
I have entered a photo in the October 2005 contest. If this is not allowed because I won the last contest then please feel free to remove it.

Chamgirl: that is ok :)

Anyone can enter the October contest. No more than two images per member. If your chameleon has won a contest (chamgirl and nosferatu), you can not enter a picture of that same chameleon for six months.
Yes, that seems fair...I have some other chams...but since I already just won a prize I would rather let someone else have a chance to win. I am still suprised that others (e.g. I know AlexF has a beautiful new Ambanja from the pictures he has posted in his gallery)... are not submitting any photos...lol maybe they are intimidated by the awesome picture that Chamgirl has submitted (to my untrained eye it looks somewhat like a smaller version of a Parsonii). I would have to read the rules again but maybe initially you should let people send in multiple pics of the same cham in subsequent contests as long as that cham did not win...this might encourage people to go ahead and submit a picture of their cham without the cost of not being able to submit a future pic of that cham.

Nosferatu, funny you should say my Globifer looks like a smaller version of a Parsons! On one of the other forums I belong to my signature reads:-

Calumma Globifer owner - poor man's Parsons!

They are indeed smaller than Parsons and one third the cost!! In the U.K a baby Globifer costs £350 and a baby Parsons costs £995!! They are both rare chameleons to find in captivity. Only one shop in England imports these. As I told Brad in a PM, my one was captive bred from a breeder in Germany. To my knowledge no-one else has managed to breed these elsewhere as yet.
Thank you for your complimentary words about my photo:D

I fell for it again lol...I saw what I thought for sure was a close-up of a Parsons on the "Chameleons of Madagascar" video and then they called it a Globifer. I wonder how genetically similar they are...It looks like Roberta is in great hands with you...
Thank you for saying that:D
A lot of people don't know this but when I bought Roberta she was one of the last of the clutch left i.e the best ones had been sold first. Roberta was tiny and very thin, she had a bony tail and also a very obvious problem with her jaw. I should have walked away but I didn't. I bought her and took her to see a reptile specialist. She was on Baytril for six weeks and at one point looked on the verge of death. I rang the U.K's top breeder about her (as he also has Globifers) and he said in his experience when a Globifer is as bad as Roberta was then chances of survival are very slim. Well a miracle happened and Roberta is now in perfect health. Her jaw has healed totally and her secondary respiratory infection long gone. I am delighted as Roberta has such a sweet personality and is very special to me:) I also sought advice from Chris Anderson about keeping Globifers so thanks to him too.

BTW, that Chameleons of Madagascar DVD is brilliant isn't it. I have watched my own copy a few times. I am pleased to see a Globifer featured in it:)
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October's deadline has been pushed back to October 15

I have decided to push October's contest submission deadline to Oct 15. The reason I decided to do this is that we only have three participants at the moment. I would like to have a minimum of five, but prefer ten or more.

Voting will be shortened to two weeks. I will update the official contest rules when I get a chance.
The photo submission deadline is scheduled to end this Friday, and I would really like to get some more entries. I have decided to allow two photos from each member. The photos can be of the same chameleon, but only one photo can be a winner.
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