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Heya. :) My name's Jen. I had been considering getting a chameleon for years, but after a big breakup and getting used to living on my own I decided it was finally time for the little man I always wanted in my life. My little Kaiju is a veiled chameleon, and he's only a couple months old. I purchased him from a small local shop that specializes in captive-bred reptiles, and I did all I cound to make him the perfect setup. I'm still working on tweaking a few things - my townhouse has horrible insulation, for instance, so I had to keep a space heater on in his room all the time in addition to the basking lamp until just the last couple weeks - but he seems content and I adore him. I'm really much too overprotective, so I wanted to find a community to discuss anything I might be freaking out or worrying about. I'll be harassing you all mercilessly with questions soon enough!
Welcome! welcome!
Well, if your townhouse's insulation is bad.... i would say you might need a 100 - 150 watt basking lamp. The setup, for a 2 months old chameleon, a 40 gallon screen cage will do fine (mine's 65 gallon). you will need a UVA/UVB light. If possible, some live plants (plastic will do fine too) and vines.
here is a link for setup:

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