Not to active lately


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I have a six month ole panther who has been doing fine but as for the last two days he hasn't been to active just sits on his favorite branch and just stares at me the temp has changed here in Chicago and I don't feed him crickets I gave him meal worms but usually he's all over the cage what could b the prob or am I just panicing..


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When was his last shed? They sometimes slow down for a day or 2 prior to a shed. If the room is cooler you might think about changing the basking light to a higher wattage or move it closer to the basking branch. That could also affect his activity.


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Adding to the ammount of uv and heat will promote digestion and therefore more activity. No more than 90℉basking. What are you using for light?
If adoesn't help then call a local herp or vet


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Why do you not feed crickets?

Mealworms have a hard exo skeleton, which can lead to impaction when over fed.

It is not good to limit his diet anyway.

He could be less active because he needs, more food, different bugs, needs to shed, is impacted, needs more heat, or a bigger cage.
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