not seen her drinking


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sometimes my vieled chameleon hides from the spray sometimes she comes out of hiding but ive never actualy seen her drinking i spray her 3x a day with warm water i spray her with a plant spray.She is 5 months old approx we have had her for a month now is it a problem that ive never seen her drink?
if you've had her for a month, and shes doing fine, chances are shes drinking. as long as shes not dehydrated, then your fine. You do know what a dehydrated cham looks like right?
i saw some pictures that was posted with a chams eyes sunken in her eyes are fine is the white in there droppings an off white or is it pure white? hers is off white.If it is ment to be pure white is this an indication that she could be a little dehydrated?There is some photo's of her in my gallery took about a week ago.Hope the photo's help.
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i'm only talking from self experience here, so, i'm not an expert. hopefully somebody else will chime in.
Not sure about droppings, i would probably say white as that's what colour Shivers are and i know she's drinking plenty. :confused: Sorry, not much help there was i.

I've had her for roughly a month and she's only just started to drink from the misting ( well, in view anyway ).

I was spraying her this afternoon for 20 mins as she was just drinking and drinking, she didn't really drink much this morning though.
her eyes arnt sunken into her head at all:D shes eating ok and shes always strolling around her terrtory which is cute lol.
I know that this is kind of off subject, but I just have to ask you since your female is the same age as mine. My question is, has your female veiled laid any eggs yet? I don't know what age a female veiled is supposed to lay unfertilized eggs. It makes me really nervous and paranoid because I don't have any idea what types of signs to look for. I've read all the posts that explain symptoms of a gravid female, but I have never seen any pictures of one. It makes it harder to visualize a gravid female.
no she hasnt laid any infertile eggs yet i was wondering exactly the same thing as you when is the avarge age for them to lay eggs but unfortunly i got no replys.if you do find out please could you let me no?thanks
Some people tell me to watch her when she's about 5-6 months old. It just makes me nervous because I have no idea of how she would look like. I wish one of the breeders would post a clip on youtube. That way it can be unmistakable.
you probably will notice bumps near to where there stomach is(iam going by my water dragons when they are gravid.)make sure there is a nesting site available for her to lay them in.Maybe our little girls will lay some soon huh
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