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Hi, I have had 3 panther chameleons for about a month now, which would make them about 3.5 to 4 months old (they are from different breeders, and different locales) I have a male and female maroansetra and a male ambanja. The male maroansetra is growing much faster then the other 2, but they are all in identical set ups so I cant figure out why, he has shed twice since I had him. The female is growing very slowly, she was shedding when I got her, and has shed once again since. The other male, I haven't seen shed, and he doesn't appear to have grown much. I keep them each in their own 18x18x36 screen cage, they have a reptisun 5.0 on each cage, as well as a a basking spot at between 82-88, they get cricets dusted with calcium plus d3 twice a week, calcium once, and herptivite once. I am feeding them crickets and phoenix worms, and have some silkworms that I am waiting to get a little bigger to feed them out. Live plants in each cage, ficus schefflera, and pothos. Automatic mister goes on 4 times a day for 10 minutes each time. They are all separated by visual barriers. The smaller male and the female appear to have very skinny legs, especially compared to the larger male. They are all pooping, so they must be eating, the poop looks good but small. Anyone have any advice it would be greatly appreciated!


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If your cham has parasites, they could account for the stunted growth.Some parasites can consume up to 40% of your chams ingested nutrition. For a few bucks, you could take a stool into your vet and have it checked.
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