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I just recieved a new female baby veiled from flchams and have tried feeding her small crickets and small meal worms and cant get her to eat. The bearded pygme that i recieved was eating within hours Ive had them for a couple days now. Can anybody give me some advice?
Describe your setup (enclosure, dimensions, temperature, lighting, water method, plants, etc). These can all effect your chameleon's will to eat...
I have a 40 gal. reptarium with a couple umbrella plants vines, artificial plants, and plenty of places for her to navigate the enclosure. I know glass is not the best thing. the humidity level is about 67 and the temp. is at 78 her colos is fine she goes from a dull brown to a vibrant green i can't figure it out
So you just got the cham then? sometimes some will not eat right away when put into a new enclosure or environment. Give her some tiime to settle in. Some just adjust quicker than others. I have read on here before where people get thier chams and they will not eat for days. How long have you had her? How hot is your basking temp and how young is she?
100 watt is high but what matters is what your basking temp is and the age of your cham. So you have TWO basking lights?????
You will cook her with a 100 watt bulb. You absolutely need to know your temps-go buy a digital thermometer with a probe-$10.00 at Petsmart.
that is quite a range for a basking temp it should be around 80 degrees and at 2 months I have seen some members who do not use a basking bulb at all because they are very young and much more fragile. If your cage temp is around 80 then you don't even need a basking bulb. If the temps are too hot it could be the reason it does not want to eat.
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