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Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by YOSHI, Dec 12, 2010.

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    When i first got my Cham from the store 6months ago, he ate the min i got him home and was averaging at least 6-7 locust a day, then i had a major issue with my lighting around a month later, my bulb had blown and i coudnt get a replacement for at least 3 days, once my replacement was in ive never felt like my cham has fed the same and i feel its getting worse, he went from firing at anything anywhere, off my hand, in his viv, even off the bed, now he looks at the food and walks away and fails to eat anything, ive resorted to leaving a couple of locust in his viv from morning to afternoon and when i return there usually always still there, i really dont feel like he's eating enough and he does seem to have lost weight since he's been in my care, was wondering weather anyone feels im doing something wrong, im on the case of buying a reptisun and also a mister but otherwise for now im stuck with my uvb/uva 160w buld and im hand misting at least 4 times a day, i have filled in the info on helping undertsand my cham if anyone would like me to copy and paste it ?
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    Can you fill out How To Ask For Help, it will give us a better idea of everything
    Also if you can post some pics of his inclosure
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    Sounds like he is tired of locusts. Have you tried a different feeder? Sometimes a chameleon will turn down food if it has no variety in its diet. Some call it a hunger strike. Try supers but do so sparingly. If you can get some, silkworms and hornworms are a great addition to the diet as well.
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    ^agree. you can also try mealworms.
  5. YOSHI

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    Cham info:
    Ive had my male yemen for 6months and was told he was around 2years old when i bought him.
    As for handling i allow him the exit his vivarium onto my bed on his own then pick him up as he wont allow me anywhere near him in his viv, this is done on a daily basis, he also loves to sit by the window looking out, but he gets pretty cold so i move him back into the viv to warm up!
    Feeding, i feed Locust on a regular basis, i throw 3 into the viv in the morning before i go to work and providing there gone the time i get back i'll throw another 3, but usually there still hovering around when i get back i gut load with apple and sweet potato wich is fed to the locust daily and occasionally offer him mealworms wich he will not take and waxworms wich he loves, only offered once a week and only given around 5 waxworms on a day. As for dusting i use Nutrobal and pretty much everything gets dusted before it goes in. ive also started using calcium with d3 wich is introduced once a month,
    His faeces are black with a yellow white look to it, this does appear every 2-3 days wich is then cleaned out asoon as spotted.
    I have no information of the previous owner but he was in top notch condition when i purchased him.

    Cage info:
    My vivarium is 3ft length x 3ft width x 4ft height
    I am using 1x exo terra porcelain clamp lamp + glow reflector with 1x solar glo 160w bulb.

    To reptoman/ataraxia:
    I've tried Calcium worms as thats all my suppliers have in my area other than crickets, locust, mealworms and waxworms, so far he's only taking waxworms out of the list ive mentioned but ive been out of them for at least a week and there not exactly staple diet, i have noticed him drinking tho wich is good and ive also noticed he's started shedding only on his feet !

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