Not eating & showing aggression


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I just bought my first veiled chameleon Rococo about two months ago (he is a juvenile). Now he isn't eating and is showing aggression. At first I had him in a small exoterra enclosure. He was eating around 12 crickets spread out in 3 meals a day. I was giving him vitamins twice a week. I mist him 3 times a day keeping the humidity at a good level. His temperature is kept at 70 at night and 80-95 in the day. About four days ago I put him in a much larger screen enclosure with more foliage. I also fed him a silk worm and started using calcium supplements without D3. Now he's not eating besides for the silk worm I've been giving him every other day. He also been very dark colors and moving very little. I tried to hand feed him a cricket this morning but he gaped at me and hissed for the first time. I'm very worried because I can tell he sees crickets in his enclosure but he just refuses to eat. I also used to handle him maybe one a week but recently stopped because I'm concerned it is detrimental to his health. If anyone has advise I would really appreciate it!
Welcome to the forums. 95 is too hot and that could cause him not to eat. Lower his temps to the mid 80's. If you will fill out the ask for help form we will make sure that you are doing everything correct for your little guy.
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