Not Eating Or Moving Away From The Top Of Cage???


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Ive had my chameleon now for 3 days, the first day he was moving alot and exploring, but the second and third days hes just been sitting at the top doing nothing. he hasnt eaten anything in a while and wont walk down to his food dish. i have a second 1 higher in some of the vines i have but he still wont leave the top. i took out his ficus tree because i thought that was the problem, causing it to be over crowded. so im just asking for some advice on what to do, thanks for any help
John it would be awesome if you gave the specs on your cage and species of your chameleon- as well as the behavior. This will help weed out the problem. Here are some categories to fill out.

Chameleon species:
Cage Type:
Basking Temperature:
How Humididty is regulated:
How water is offered:
How often water is offered:
UVB Light Source:
Ttpes of Plants in Your enclosure:
Type of Food:
How Much Food:
Chameleon species: Veiled
Age:Not sure but its 5inches
Cage Type:Reptarium
Dimentions:65 gallon 16.5''*28''*30''
Basking Temperature: 90 to 95
Humidity:80 at the moment but i just misted usually around 60
How Humididty is regulated:humididty gage
How water is offered:mist 3times a day dripper system going 24hours
How often water is offered:24hours
UVB Light Source: 5.0 retile glo
Ttpes of Plants in Your enclosure: had a ficus but took it out
Type of Food:crickets
How Much Food:10 a day but hasnt eaten today
Supplements: rep cal calcium with vit d
well he went to bed for the night, i hope he starts eating tomarrow! im just really worried that hes not getting enough food when he gots alot avaible for him to eat. has anyone else had this problem with a new baby chameleon? veiled or not?
i guess i could have a problem cup feeding then, but hes eaten out of the cup before. i think i may have just stressed him when i tried to handle him and move his things and move him to the bottom. i shouldnt have done that big mistake i wont do again!
this is his cage i was finally able to get a pic to post! any good or bad comments would be helpful, thanks again


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You said the basking area is 90 to 95....but is that the temperature just below the light or at the nearest branch?
you may want to add more coverage for him. Another live plant or maybe some vines to give him more places to hide.
its 90 or so at the closest branch towards the center and around the center it goes to about 85. i have the light pointing at an angle, and not over a certain spot, it would be in the 100s if i did that, is it ok if its at an angle?
you probably don't want him to be in anything over 90 temperature, range. if he can get on the branch that is reaching over 90, then he can get burn not even know that.
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