Not Eating But Looks Healthy Help!!!!!!


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My Cham is looks healthy and drinkin well but is not eating!!! Could the problem be that she can't find her food?? Or is tired of crickets?? They go next to her but she just ignores them!!!!! What can I do!!!!! She has no interest in mealies and wax. You think silkies and pheonix worms and butters my spark an interest?? Can there be another feeder that might attract her??
Could she be gravid...most of the time they stop eating a few days before laying eggs. It could be as simple as she is bored with crickets.
Sorry I'm Late. I don't Really Know How old she is but she is about about 4.5 to 5 inches from head to vent about 8 to 8.5 from head to tail not sure. I feed her about 4 crickets a day but lately she hasn't been going for them. She ignores wax because they to slow and mealies to.
What species is she? Does she have a place to dig to let you know that/if she is carrying eggs? Has she been roaming around the cage or on the floor of the cage more than usual? Many chameleons can/will lay eggs even without having been mated. Some will stop eating a few days before laying them.

It could be partly the season or partly because she is reaching full growth too....or she could be having a problem.

Do you gutload the insects? Dust with supplements? Have a UVB light (where the light doesn't pass through plastic or glass? Does she get any direct sunlight?

What is the temperature in the basking area? Rest of the cage?
Dont use mealworms...most dont move enough to attract the chameleon...try superworms. If shes trying to dig at the bottom of her cage she is trying ot lay eggs
Oh I'm sorry guys. She is a Veiled chameleon. No she hasn't been on the floor of the cage. Lol I have never seen her there ever since I got her lol she hates the floor. Yes I have a uvb light and it does not go through glass and is not filtered. I do dust every other day with repcal calcium dust with no phospherus. I also dust with a vitmin dust every other day. Her basking spot is between 90 to 95. Sorry I'm late again and happy new year lol.
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ok good cause if they swallow som substrate, like woodchips, they get impaction or somthing.....i cant remember...but they stop eating and they usually die. but here its not the case
Yea I knew about that cause some nice people on this forum told me about the dangers and stuff. Lol but guys today she ate one cricket and she had my hopes up but then ignored the rest completely. Help I don't want nothin to happen to my baby.
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