not as fat as she was the last time...

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Lucky is digging again already but she is not as fat as the last time she laid eggs in october or should i say she just dropped her eggs over a 4-5 day period. im not so happy that shes laying more eggs again because splinters also soon gonna lay eggs.
Lucky don't seem so strong compared to sonic, sonic is very strong.
and im concerned about lucky's well being it seems to me her appetite has not been like it usaually thinking maybe its why she's not so big.last time she was really fat and had lumps.splinter has lumps now though.

lucky's been on liquid calcium i hope i gave her enough.she looks very bright.
i gave her 4 drops today.i gave her 3-4 drops for the past week once a day.

maybe shes not eating as much because she dont wanna lay so many eggs.

i found some vermiculite today i also have some hatchrite ,depending on how the eggs look i will decide which to use perlite/vermiculite or hatchrite.

i was happy yesterday because my new batchs of crickets started hatching the reason im happy is these crickets are on a deadline and i was thinking im not gonna beat the deadline . im hoping for 4000-5000 crickets on these 4-5 containers.
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