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Got home from work today and found that Max, my wolf hybrid, had got into the lounge and raided my box of crickets, box was on it's side with the lid off.

I had approx 500 crickets in there!!

I've spent the last 2 hours hunting them and only seem to have found 200 ish, as you can imagine i'm not amused and i wish it was raining ( make that hailing!! ) as Max has been evicted outside for the day!!

What kind of damage can i expect off the crickets and how long will they survive around the house?

Oh, he had my waxworms too, not sure how many were in the tub so don't know how many are missing.

He'd had my box of stick insect eggs but they were easy to find, only found 2 crushed ones.

Luckily he hadn't got my other stick insects, locusts, meal worms, and more importantly he didn't go for Shiver.

I'm really hating dogs at this moment in time!! :mad:
No offense but that's your fault.
My greyhound is attracted to the bugs as well, so they are kept well out of her reach.

I heard if you turn off all the lights and leave a nightlight on, the crickets will go to it. Then all you have to do is catch em near the light.
No offense but that's your fault.
My greyhound is attracted to the bugs as well, so they are kept well out of her reach.


Yeah, i suppose it is ( no offense taken ), the dogs are shut out of the lounge but i think my partner left the door open even though he's not admitting it lol.
All of my bugs live on top of the fish tank at the mo ( about 5' high ) and he still managed to get them.
I've caught quite a few now but there's probably still loads to catch.
It's given me the kick up the backside i needed to move the bugs into a different room.
I am constantly trying to catch crickets that have gotten loose in my apartment and I have found a method that works pretty well..

At night, take a dome heat lamp and clamp it somewhere to where it is about 10 inches from the floor. Underneath the light you can put the sticky mouse traps that are just like a sheet of glue.. wait a few hours and you'll have caught a whole bunch of crickets. If you don't have or can't find the sticky traps just grap the vacuum cleaner after they have gathered and suck them up with the hose.

My son was "helping" (he is 4) feed our reptiles one day and accidentally knocked over a rubbermaid container with approx 2000 crickets in it. I was hunting for days.
Oh dear, that's a LOT more than what's loose here.
I think i've got most of them now, i've just put a load of sticky tape down with a bit of honey on so that should get the rest.
Luckily i didn't get any roaches - the only ones they had were too big.
He didn't get my locusts either luckily.
We've searched the room from top to bottom, hoovered everywhere possible and have put sticky tape with honey on in the dark corners of the room.
I'm laughing over it now, suppose it could've been a lot worse - i could've come home to find Shiver sat on Max's nose hissing at him lol :p

ETA - he wouldn't of attacked her, he's terrified of her lol
the get under carpet and near heat registers... then they can reproduce. I caught an escaped adult and all around him were baby crickets underneath the carpet. however i havent seen any of the babies i dont think... maybe tehy died off?!

Anyways my point is, they can reproduce within the confines of the house... id use that light idea and get as many as you can!
I lost a thousand once to a fat cat and a fragile screen lid.

Mine took about 3 weeks to die. They didn't damage any fabric.. they were just plain annoying. The cats had a grand time with it, though.

Vacuum cleaner works well. Some say they are attracted to water.

It happens to all of us eventually.. just no getting around it.

When i had my tarrantula i had a few escape, and one particularly noisy bugger hid behind the central heating can of fly spray later :D directly underneath it and he came crawling out, soon gasped his last breath. definately works but if the cam is in the same room you should remove it!
stickey traps everywere youll have the odd one that gets in a wall and crix all night but i fine the sticky traps are a life saver, also anywhere with moisture will be and attraction to them like piles of laundry, washrooms. I havent noticed dammage of anything by crix.
Yeah, the sticky tape & honey has worked really well. I caught 2 scurrying across the carpet this morning and had about 20 on the bits of tape.
I haven't found any more yet.
Thanx for all of your advise :)
LOL I leave out the sticky cricket traps around my house... One night, the old girlfriend's sugar gliders were running around, and the next morning, I found the trap across the room with little patches of grey fuzz in it LOL.... She had bald spots, so we knew who was guilty.
I have a sticky trap horror story...I let my MOL keep two baby dwarf hamsters for a few days, until Christmas, and one stuck to a sticky trap behind her fridge. I could NOT get its fur clean...and by the time I quit trying it was very chilled. It died on Christmas Eve...not quite the fun surprise I had planned....I'm glad the sugar gliders didn't leave anything but fur!
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