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NOSY BE SIRE– The beautiful TRUE BLUE sire to the clutch is named Vader. Vader’s sire is Blue Dream from Chameleons Paradise. Vader is an amazing chameleon that was chosen for his robust genetics to produce only the highest quality animals. He is an easy going guy but is very interested in the ladies. Available Nosy Be males from his clutch are around 4 months of age and are doing great. They are very blue for their age and continue to amaze me with their colors.

NOSY BE DAM- The dam to the clutch is from Amazing Blue Reptiles. The sire of the dam is also an entirely TRUE BLUE animal. I have a photo of the sire if interested.

AMBILOBE SIRE- This UNIQUE animal is named Vlad. He is a GREEN BODY/BLUE BAR with loads of glowing red, oranges, yellows and every color in between. He is an active animal that loves being around people. He is very photogenic with his contrasting colors and his relaxed disposition. He is a great breeder and fires an array of striking pastel colors. Available Ambilobe males are around 4 months of age and are healthy in every way. They have a great temperament and continue to add to their colors as the days go by. They will be striking animals for any breeding project or pet.

AMBILOBE DAM – The dam to the clutch is from Jake at Chameleons Paradise. She is a good sized female from only the highest quality genetics.

Please email [email protected] with any questions or interests.

Males - $250 + shipping

Ambilobe Sire - Vlad

Ambilobe Male - several available

Nosy Be Sire - Vader

Nosy Be Male - several available
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