Nose Infection..some sort perhaps?


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My veiled cham has a small cyst forming between his eyes on his nose .. "V" area. I will add a picture later...but has anyone else seen/heard of this...and how serious is it?

Thanks ..
Cyst possibly..

Here is the cyst like thing im worried and curious about..



Anyone have any clue..?
IMHO you need to see a vet to find out what it is. Its most likely an infection...and if it is it needs to be cleaned out, a culture and sensitivity test done and the chameleon put on the appropriate antibiotic.
Here is the cyst like thing im worried and curious about..

They can form abscesses under the skin that need to be cleared out. Sometimes they start from an infection in a sinus or nasal passage. Herp abscesses don't really drain on their own because they don't contain the liquid type of matter as in mammals. The stuff is more cheesy. As the lump is getting larger something is accumulating there. I had a healthy wc verrucosus who developed something like this. The vet first scraped the skin to see how deep the lump actually was, and ended up opening a pretty large abscess that extended through to the cham's mouth (not necessarily the case here, but to give you an idea how these things can slowly grow for quite a while). He opened the lump, flushed the whole area, we gave the cham a course of antibiotic based on a bacterial culture sensitivity test, and he healed without further problems.

Wow thank you for the advise and information. I didnt realize it could be so serious. Sounds like im making an appointment with a doc then. I never thought it could be more of a solid matter instead of liquid puss.
I have seen one of these split the skin and seep fluid. It is a yellow liquid, looks kinda like honey.. It will not go away on its own.

you need to take your chameleon to the vet.
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