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My veiled has a dry white substance coming from his nose . He doesn't seem bothered by it, just thought it might be excess minerals he was getting out of his system.Any thoughts??
Is it a problem and can I fix it? My veiled is doing this for the first time today he doesn't seem bothered either.
What is your supplement dusting schedule and how old is your veiled?
Excreting excess minerals probably means he's getting too much.
It's pretty common to see this with young chams because we are trying to supplement for growth.

Excreting excess minerals probably means he's getting too much.
It's pretty common to see this with young chams because we are trying to supplement for growth.

I had this occurring with my baby veileds when I first got them.. I adjusted their supplement schedule and it is no longer an issue..
Veileds among other reptiles have evolved nasal salt glands. This allows them to excrete sodium, potassium and chloride ions. It is commonly thought that this feature has been evolved as a means to conserve water.

One that your chameleon is being oversupplemented. The body could be using and excess of water to flush out the excess supplements.

Two the chameleon is dehydrated and using it's own natural resources to conserve water.

I would think it abnormal to see a neonatal or juvenille exhibiting use of their nasal salt glands at least in captivity. You could probably make a determination from a nice fresh pile of doo.
I normally give him calcium with d3, because he has no actual sunlight right now, in the summer he will, its too cold by the windows now. He has a Uvb bulb. The last time I dusted his crickets it was with a multivitamin for the first time the day before i noticed the white on his nose. I dust every other day or every two days with the calcium. In my readings I got the general idea that young/juveniles need more supplementing but maybe, still, I'm giving him to much. How does once or twice a week sound to everyone for a change? And thanks for the pointer about the watering, I water him once a day with the drippier (runs for roughly 25 min) and mist the rest of the day (3-8) times. Humidity is good(65-80), so is his temp.(70 in the coolest and around 90 in basking spot). I was thinking of offering him the dripper twice a day.
Oh and he's a veiled, body is the length is roughly three inches, a juvenile, i have had him for about a month and a half.
Calcium with D3 once a week.
I think it would be better to get the calcium w/out D3 and w/out phos if you want to dust more often or are worried about the amount of calcium he's getting. Still dust w/ the D3 one once a week.
Dust lightly! They're little and you can give too much D3.
Why doesn't your dripper go all day?

mine just had the same problem... i dust her cricket too often :( well... and she might be dehydrated as well.. i dont have a dripper but i give her a drink by the way of a syringe. she drinks about 3 ml a day once a day, i figure it aint enough...i want the best for my cutie but a automatic mister is too expensive, anybody has an idea how i could build something that would work good. for now i put her old fountain but isnt it a pool for bacteria ? how can it affect her health ? thanks
This runs a little over $20 and is effective, although, your drainage will need to be good as it delivers quite a bit of water. Pay attention to the model numbers and you can probably find the same stuff.

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