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Noise or Traffic???

I am debating the best place for Max's home!?! Now he's in my bedroom, but the bathroom is in there and consequently that means traffic walking through. So, I was thinking maybe the living room, but the TV is in there along with radio. Does noise bother chams as much as being disturbed by traffic??? What a pickle. Also, he is in a screen cage, how many open sides would be good? I am thinking of blocking one side (the side where he would see people passing) for a little more privacy. Any suggestions are appreciated, I live in a one bedroom apartment and want to find the best possible place for my cham so he can be as happy as possible.
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My tww cents ... I don't think that chams really hear noise, they just feel vibrations so I am not sure how much it bothers them, but I do not think that it does much (unless you have wall shaking noise levels). My big concern was that they need 10-12 hours of sleep ... and I next to never get near that much sleep, so I solved it by buying a blanket to throw over his cage at night except for the side facing the wall for air circulation. works like a charm.
I never had an issue with it. I watch TV all night with my guy in the room. If I go to look at him he is dead asleep even if my dog hits the stand the cage is on. I think it takes alot to wake them up. Think about a windy, raining, active jungle. They evolved in worse.
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