Noah Ingram- where are you?

Has anyone spoken to Noah Ingram (Username 2by2) in the last few months? I haven't heard from him since May. I think someone mentioned to me that he went travelling overseas for a month, but its been almost 4 since he last made an appearance or responded to emails.

Anyways, just curious. Would be nice to hear from him again.
I work with him and I'll let him know people are curious as to his whereabouts. He is fine, but has been busy with personal issues. I'll leave it to him to be more specific if he wants.
Hey guys,
My appologies for long dissapearance. I have very limited access the the internet over the last couple months. But I'm back checking my email regularly now and any questions or comments on anything are again more than welcome.
As for me and my absence. Its been an extremely turbulant couple of months for me. I see brian was nice enough to let you guys know that I was going through some things.....although he must have forgoten to tell me you guys were worried. lol. Although now that I've finally checked my email again, I see that you guys were wondering were I was.....
I for one love gossip. I cant get enough of the BOI and some of those fights that go on over there. It cracks me up and gives me endless hours of entertainment. I've been debating on whether to make this public or not.....seeing as its really nobody's buissness, but I suppose its going to get out eventually, and who better to hear it from than me.
I'm going through a divorce.... For all you married people out there....I highly recomend against it. lol. Its really not fun. I dont want to resort to slamming my x on the internet so I'll try and stear clear of that, while still trying to explain whats happening.
Basically I was kicked out of my house 2 weeks prior to being able to line up a new place to live. I fought this as hard as i could without making life any harder than it already was....but she wanted the house. One of the stipulations with her taking the house was that I wouldn't be able to care come care for the chams.....So I gave her the house under the stipulations that she at least feed and water them for 2 weeks. She agreed. 2 weeks later I finally was able to move into my new place and I lined up a time with her to come get my chams. I got there, she was not there and they were all sitting on the front porch in deli cups. All dead. maggots everything. They were probably sitting there on the porch in the summer heat for the whole 2 weeks. All 48 of my chams. Everything I worked for over the last 4 years. Everything...stacked in deli cups in a styrofome box. At least 10k, probably more like 15k worth of chams. Not to mention there breeding potential, and the fact that I owned most of those animals for there entire lives. It was painful to say the least. So I tore down my cham room, loaded up the moving truck and off I went. I still had about 400 eggs so I was still holding out some hope. However, the moving truck wasn't very nice to the eggs. Alot of them had quite the bumpy ride and rolled all over there containers. I lost 300 in the move and about 50 since. I'm down to about nothing. Not fun.
Anyway, divorces cost money and right now I'm quite strapped. I'm sure at some point within the next year I'll start my collection up again....probably slowly. Just like I did the first time. Hopefully eventually I'll be able to get back to where I was and maybe even bigger. I have a passion for panthers and I'll be back in this game soon.
Until then, now that I have internet again....I'll be hanging out in the backround watching whats going on. I'm sure I'll be posting some as well.

On a side note. I'm glad to see that the site is doing well. Alot of these kinds of sites dont last very long. Kudos to you Brad. Your doing an awesome job. I hope this site is around for years to come.
Wow...that was heavy! I am terribly sorry for your situation Noah and for the major loss of your chams. That is a horrible devistation and the only thing I can say is that B**** should be shot :mad: (I wouldn't even stoop that low)
It sounds like you are very optimistic to get back on the right track and waaaay better off without the soon to be "x". Things will turn around, just keeping looking for the positives that life has to offer. :D
Wow, that was a grisly post. Sorry you had to go through that. Reading it was bad enough. Hope things get better for you now..

I red this yesterday. I din't post because I was shocked. And if I feel the way I do just reading that, I can't imagine how destroyed you would have been upon finding your preciouses treated in that manner.

Noah, if there is anything I can help with, let me know. It'll be good to have you back, keep in touch buddy.
much appreciated will.

Yeah, it was tough. I mean, yeah, the money part sucks....but its all the time and energy that I put into those guys. I dont have 3 hours + of chameleon work/fun to come home to everyday anymore. It sucks to say the least....And as gay as it sounds, on some level when your chams take up that much of your life, you connect with them in some wierd way. The toughest part was seeing all those chams that depended on me dead. I was responsible for them.....Ultimately, it was my fault for leaving them there.

Tough to get over something like this. I guess thats why i had to step back and take a breather for a couple months. But there is no sense in dwelling on the past. Time to move on. Eventually get more chams and keep doing what I love.
WOW This post comes a lot later but I was looking through your gallery and was trying to find you to see if you'd be interested in breeding one of your ambilobes with a female of mine. While looking I came across this post.

I'm totally disgusted with her act of cruelty. That should at least be a civil case and I's try to have it pursued criminally.

Anyway,.....I'll try to get an e-mail to you.

Good luck,
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