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hello its been about 2 weeks since my chameleon has been to the toilet. im not sure if hes eaten the soil from the plant so im going to cover it up. i was told that mealworms can block there bellys up but also read that i should feed them what they want to eat. which is currently worms.

how long has a chemelon gone without going to the toilet? and do they eat theyre poo?( maybe thats why i havent seen any)

hes about 7 and half months.

one thing aswel i was wondering if superworms are more nutritious than mealworms?

any help would be great

the chunk


superworms are preferable to mealworms, as far as feeding them what they want I would have to disagree, kids want cookies all the time but we don't give in. It is a balance, nutritous feeder insects w/treats sometimes and most importantly variety! As far as poo, if he is still eating and has been two weeks since defecating I would be tempted to take him to the vet, if he has stopped eating I would definitely take him to the vet asap. Either way feeding him nothing but mealworms or supers could cause a blockage due to high chitin. Perhaps someone else with more experience will chime in though. And no they don't normally eat their poo.


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Neither is very nutritious. Try cup feeding to see if he is eating. Also try to get him on a mix of foods (Crickets,Super Worms, Dubias, Red Racers).

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i thought i read a post on here porberly a few months ago saying there chamelon finally went to the toilet after nearly a month. i have locast in the tank but he will jsut go on a hunger strike and not eat. about three weeks ago it took around a week to get him to go to the toilet. ive cut out the meal worms a few days ago. andnow going with the locast justhope he goes to the toilet

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in the uk were limted to wax meal and super wormns. cricket locast and very rearley roaches in the pet shop.

hes about 7 and half months old and in a 4 by 2 by 2 reptibreeze has a big ficustree , a dripper, i spray at least twice a day im sure hes temp was between 85 to 90 at basking spot last time i checked. maybe hotter now as temp is rising here.

for two weeks he was on meal and wax worms where he wasnt going for the locast which i think maybe the problem and that he needs to get it out his system. also he used to run to the cage door so he could come out. then he just turned and hates coming out maybe its as hes growing older?


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Keep up or improve the water. Hydration is crucial. give it another week and if you cant find poo, see a vet. Be sparing with food until you see it poo (or see a vet), since if its blocked its not going anywhere. Water, water, more water!

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will do im gunna give he a big clean out tomorrow and let him roam the curtains. i sure he was trying to go when i had him out earlier this week so i moved him to his tank and he stopped. also can soil block his guts if hes eating it?

so i should stop feeding him for a week till he goes or give him very little?


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Not soil so much chuck, as little bits of indigestible stuff in the soil, tiny stones, sticks etc,
Soil is much, much, less likely to bung up a lizard than sand of any kind.

definitely give him less till you see it poo, yes. :)

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some good news after 2 and bit weeks my chameleon finally decided to take the biggest dump in my hand as i was afaird if i moved him he would stop, least i no hes ok.

thanks to everyone who helped


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Great news Chunk, nothing as good as a big dump! :D


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wasnt the nicest of feelings.

he had both back legs in the air and took about 5 mins to squeeze it out.

but he was congratulated with a chin rub and called good boy


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Glad this was cleared up lol! I haven’t seen any poo myself since having the male. I have seen poo from the female yesterday, but none from the little dude. Glad you guy finally let it free lol!:D


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now thats commitment good for you buddy, a bonding experience like no other!!
glad to hear he went for ya tho.


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Chunk, Im from UK too and i use this site for my feeders... hes a lovely bloke very helpful and he does butterworms, silks, soldier worms etc

i order lots of the butters and used to get the silkies too but they are so dam hard to keep so i stoped getting them.....

my cham has just recently poo-ed too after 2 weeks! she just had surgery as she wouldnt lay and i got her spayed too.... shes back to normal now after 3 weeks but to get her to poo i gave her warm showers every few hours and kept it humid like in the 80's. I also give my girl mealon everday which also helps! plently of fluid....

glad yours finally poo-ed.. heres the feeder link.... :)
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