No more pictures for me...


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Basil has learned the best way to hide from the camera. He gets onto a vine and flattens himself behind it, and if I move up to take one from above, he rotates down still behind the vine, and vice versa. Brat! :p
LOl, sounds like Boyds forest dragons, they cling to saplings (upright) and remain really still unless they see movement, then they scoot around behind the tree always keeping the tree between themselves and you, no matter which way you move!
Really hard to shoot close up without a telescopic lense. :)
That's so funny. You know, I've never tried my actual camera though. I've always used my phone, and out of anything, my phone is the scariest thing to him (besides my mom trying to get him onto a stick to move him to his new cage). Maybe he'll be more chill with the camera...
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