Night temperatures?


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I live in Michigan where it's freezing all the time and at night we turn our heat down to 58 degrees.. I know chameleons cage temp shouldn't be less than 60-65 degrees so I was wondering if I should buy one of those nocturnal heat lamp from Zoo Med (the red tinted ones)?? Or I could just turn our heat down to 60 at night instead of 58.. not sure if it'll make that much of a difference. any input?! Thanks friends!! :)
All lights out at night.. including the red/purple ones. You can either turn your heat up like you mentioned or, the room that the chameleon is in. you can buy a space heater that has a temp gauge and just have it set at 65 all the time. Thats what i do.
So a ceramic heat emitter doesn't produce any light?! I've never heard of them before! Would I just turn it on when I turn off the other lights? Is there any brand you would recommend?

Alright.. no red heat lamps at night! Got it! :)

Thanks for your help guys!! :)
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