Night crawlers?

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I trying to search out new food I can get at the pet store and I know thye offer night crawler. I think it was on this forum that I read one of ya'll feeding your cham red worms. Any ideas on the night crawlers? I've heard of feeding them earth worms. are they pertty much the same thing?

If it is okay how would you got load them and what about the dirt they come in. I'm guessing I would have to wash them off. Any Info would be great!
I have heard of others using them, but I have never used night crawlers myself. I looked at the nutrition chart at chameleon news, and their numbers look very similar to silkworms. I kind of assumed they would not be good food for chams, but it looks like they are fine. They do get pretty long though, and having to dig through soil to find them could end up being too much trouble. They eat dirt, so I am not sure how you could gutload them.
Well I gave to worms a shot. He at a few but over all I would say the venture was unsucessful. They die very quickly in the heat. so just a sort time out of their soil and it's over. I've found an earth worms death is not pretty. Herbie seemed to like the worms though. He's a very slow eater who gets frustrated quickly so the two just didn't work out
Wouldn't feed them myself ...

IMO, you can feed night crawlers or earth worms, but just keep this in mind:

1) They can carry very high amounts of parasites. (But generally speaking, live does can ... ex. crickets carry low levels of coccidian. Pinkies carry various parasites. etc etc) Just watch for signs of parasite infestation ... losing weight, loss of appetite, etc. If any signs appear, get a fecal done asap.

2) If you get them from bait stores, they can often have chemicals added to make them live longer. Just make sure to get in touch with the distributor/vendor and check out if anything is added to them. Wax Worms can also have chemicals added. I have had a local bait shop tell me that they do add a chemical (not them, but the vendor) to the ones they carry. That could potentially be harmful or fatal. I usually buy a lil clear, plastic container of waxies - which holds about 50 - to treat all the animals once a month.

3) If you get them from a pet shop/store, check them to make sure they are not looking old and half dead.

Hope this helped. It's all IMO though ...
thanks slr:
so if I am only buying from a pet store (petsmart to be exact) both waxies and earth worms should be safe from chemicals?

Hey Lady,

You should be ok. I have heard of some chains doing the same things, to extend the life of their live prey, but I have never personally had a problem with pet store prey.

I personally order silkworms from Nick and Joe ( ... they are the best prey out there for a couple reasons. IMO, of course. :)

1) They don't stink. (Their chow can smell at times, but the worms themselves have no odor.)

2) They are not too fast, but do move around with a soft wind across their bodies (aka blow on them! hee hee) That seems to attrack my kids' attention at all times.

3) They have no chitin ... no hard skeleton ... nothing. Soft body with a fluid inside. My cham literally charges the cage door when she sees me, and when I clean she literally charges me too ... the only way I can get her to back off is to hold out some silks. Honest to God. They are my white flag! haha

4) The nutritional value of silkworms is among the top of all prey, and they are safe for all herps...unlike mealworms (ex. I can feed my leos mealies, but not beardies or chams - as staples at least), earth worms, etc etc.

Just some food for thought! ;)

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