nice shot, white bearded


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Yes hes white :) hoping to find a similar female, might be difficult!

heres another, getting a bit cool in this shot



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Not a sub species, just Pogona vitticeps. Some would call him hypomelanistic.

Thanks Kenya, he just won a third placing at our Reptile Expo.

Pics dont do him fair really, Hes white as driven snow in the sun, except for the orangy ring around the eyes.

Im sure some breeders in the Us have produced beardys like him already. Certainly an oddity here though. :)


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Joe I love him. If you need a lady for him check with Alphazdragons in san diego. Randy was one of the first to breed reds and I think he has now switched to whites. His quality is second to none!! Price is in line with quality. But to have babies like that it is worth it.


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Great looking guy you have there. :)
Yes Randy of alphadragonz has some great leucistics, That's where I got my boy and my snow hypo female is out of Sandfire ranch lines. They have some really nice clean whites as well. If you are looking for a female I would suggest checking those two breeders out.


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i need some pics of my sandfire on here
Im intrested in your use of the name 'sandfire', here its the latest 'name' to attach to any reptile thats even slightly red/orange/yellow, and ofcourse most P.Vitticeps are!
Generally speaking (here) its a dishonest ploy to sell otherwise standard animals.
Likewise the use of 'morph', 'phase' and lately 'locality'.
I beleive most got it From Us sites where 'sandfire' is the name given to particular morph bred for bright orangy/red coloration?

The issue here is that originally 'sandfire' is a locality (sandfire plains/80 mile beach) from which certain original animals are found.(barring some lizards, none are red either Lol) Naturally those who breed such animals are quite annoyed at its use here in such a way because such the name has become a joke in the industry. :(

Guys, thanks for the nice comments and the headsup where to get a female, unfortunately I am not in the US or anywhere else I can Import legally. Sorry Defishy, we cant export either :(
Hopefully I can eventually find one like him here :)

Would love to see some of those you mention. Cheers


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A lot of beardie 'morphs' are really just specific lines that breeders are working with. It's impossible to tell the morph of your dragon withough knowing its lineage.

Oh, and beautiful dragon by the way, hahaha:D


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Thankyou. :)
Its not a morph of any description, its 2nd generation captive. It was the odd one in the clutch. Probly wouldnt have survived as a wild one for 5 minutes.
Very nearly didnt survive captive either, was a rescue. Poor condition, could easily see his skeleton when I got him.
I have no idea why he lacks pigment, both parents were average.


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My original thought was albinism, but with the orange around the eyes that cant be. Must be some other sort of recessive gene that no body saw coming. Very nice!!!. I think my next reptile is going to be a beardie. They seem like a lot of fun.


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Again, thanks!

You are correct, not albinism, nor leucistic, just hypomelanistic I think, though his beard goes jet black when he fires up, seems inconsistant with hypo traits.
Just one of natures surprises I think.
Some genetic testing might shed some light but its prohibitively expensive.
If im lucky to find a similar female, they may produce some babys the same,
could be the start of a new line! LOl

Im thinking 'White lightening' sounds cool :)
Yes beardys are like no other, arguably the most common pet lizard the world over.
Very happy to ignore human interaction and rarely flighty, an excellent pet lizard for anyone, especially children I think.
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