Niños first day in sun!


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This morning when i started to do some cleaning and changeing water, my boy got so curious that he had to come see what im up to. So he came to one of the ropes in front of his enclosures "door" and stared me some time, looking like hes thinking that if he dares to come closer. And parently he was curious enough to come to me. And he came to front of my hand that were on edge of his enclosure and came right to my hand (arm). :D I was prety supprised that he was so intrested what i was doing. :p I looked out of window for if there were sun shining, and for his good there was and i couldnt waste chance to take him out to direct sunlight. And he looked like enjoying, very light colors. Nice turqoise, light brown, light green,bit white. Here is some pics him out. Enjoy.... :D
Thanks mate. Niño is wonderfull personality, very active,curious about whats happening out side, havent been scared much and dosent seem to stress at all. :D Hes now 7 months, and he have been whit me for two and a half weeks now. :D
Very nice looking, I like the double horizontal bars, looks good! Hows the weather in Finland? I'd love to go someday.
Well now here are bit cloudy and rainy but there are little sun shine here and there. Mostly have been very warm summer but ofcourse it have being rains to. :D
Ok, since my Niño boy first got out of his enclosure he have been hanging out at rope in front of his "door" quite often. Before i took him out he was moveing nearly all the time but now he hangs there guite a lot. He still moves a lot but it seems that hes trying to climb on a walls...? Think thats not normal....
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