NG Dragons of Namib Video


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Very cool!
I know what I'm doing for the next hour :)

It is amazing to see a chameleon species like this adapted to the desert.


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Hate it when the old grumpy guy eats the litle would be really cool if chameleons would NOT eat they're children but....oh well.:(


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wow thanks! Didn't know there were desert cham species. Amazing what a ''little'' evolution can do. Chams never cease to amaze me.


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I think all newbies to chameleon ownership should watch this. These video show the chameleon's outlook and attitude very well. These chameleons do differ alot from ones being held in captivity but the mentality that I love is there. Any animal that will take on a cobra is stupid or has balls of steel.


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o yea, nicely put jordan, a female with balls of steel :p

course, ur right, i cant belive u snake couldnt kill it. not that i wanted it to...


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Excellent find !!! im showing this vid to all my peeps now!!! they'll all want one for sure! :cool:
are there any breeders that would deal with this particular desert dwelling chameleon.....? i guess maybe in south-west africa.....
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