Newton's ~7 month old veiled


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I'm not taking photography quality pics right now, because I have to borrow my brothers Digital SLR. These are Skype photos.



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woah he's a beast! Great colouring too - same kind of markings as my veiled but he tends to be brown with a bit of green - nice and boring :( lol

lou e

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I have a Newton's bloodline thats about 4 months old now. Man I hope he grows like that in the next 3 months

Texas Panther Man

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Thats a nice turquois veiled man. And I dont think veileds are boring... I think they get overlooked actually. Their hardy and cheaper than most chameleons so I think they dont get alot of respect.


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awsome veiled, looks like he is gonna be a big one

that size already and ony 7 months:cool:

cant wait for a few more months
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