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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - flap neck not sure how old or the sex, been in my care for 3 days
Handling - 2 times for less than five minuets in 3 days
Feeding - i feed meal worms crickets and fruit flies worms and crickets i dont know what gut loading is and i dont have a schedule
Supplements - suppliment is jurassi cal calcium soppliment with no d3
Watering - i have a water fall right now but im going to just buy a dripper
Fecal Description - never seen any droppings
History - first time owner dont really know that much about him i know he was the store favorite where i bought him.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 20 gallon glass
Lighting - i have a 5.0 uvb and a 75 watt heat lamp
Temperature - i have been playing with the thermomoter and its 80 where he hangs out at the top
Humidity - average humidity is about 60 i guess but i have to spray every few hours.
Plants - fake vines
Placement - the top of the cage is 3 foot from the floor and 3 foot belowmy tv. it is pretty high traffic but really the only place i have to put it
Location - wasilla alaska

Current Problem - no real problems but i was really just wanting some pointers so uno has a good life not a crappy one
My first advice to you is get rid of the 20 gallon tank. Tanks are for fish, not chameleons. Honestly, they might be housed in these in a petstore and it is so wrong. Do your chameleon a favor a get him a nice big screen cage. You said you have a flapneck. I don't believe they get really big like the panthers or Veilds. They are not that common on here as those two. You should search the forums here under Flapnecks and see what you can come up with. Gutloading is feeding your feeders. Crickets and superworms can be gutload along with Dubia Roaches if you chose to feed those. A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables such as Kale, Mustard greens, collard greens, carrots, orange, apples etc. You chameleon will benefit from what your feeder eat. What are you measuring your temps with? with a 75 watt heat lamp in a 20 gallon tank I would think your temps would be much higher. Maybe I am wrong. Get a digital thermometer if you don't have one. Get rid of the waterfall. Bacteria breeding ground. Dripper and misting is good. No substrate in the bottom of the cage. They could injest intentionally or accidentally. With the Veilds and panthers we supplement with three kinds of supplements. Calcium without d3 at every feeding, calcium with d3 twice a month and multi vitamin twice a month. Again, not sure if this should pertain to this species. By the way, what type of UVB bulb are you using and who is it made by? Any Flapneck owners out there that can comment on the supplementation schedule???? You say fake vines, is that all you have in there? What about some foilage for him to hide out in? Also you are best posting a picture of your chameleon and your tank. They said it was a flapneck but it might be something else.I was in a store and they said it was a Flapneck and it was a Veild!!!! Alot of them are wild caught too. I would find out from the store if they know. Alot of wild caughts have parasites which will need to be treated. You will be wise to take him to a vet with a fecal sample and have it tested if that is the case. In any event, you have come to the right place. We will get you on the right track! Welcome to the forums!!!
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