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Hi everyone,
I'm anewbie here and just got my first Veiled Chameleon yesterday.She is a few months old and is cbb.I pretty much have all the basics down but,have a few questions.

First,I have her in a Zilla 24"x12"x36" screen cage.I'm using an Exoterra dual bulb light fixture with a 36W 2.0 FS bulb and a 36W 5.0 rainforest bulb.I'm using a 35w Pro Products heat panel for heat.The only problem is that I can't fit the heat panel on the top of the cage because it will block the light fixture.Instead,I have it mounted behind the cage to a piece of wood.Is this enough heat for her or should I do it differently?Can I get away with just one bulb or do I need 2 for this size enclosure?Or would the heat from the bulbs be enough?It is in the 80's close to the top

Next up is plants.I was reading up on live plants and I understand poth os are the best way to go.I purchased 2 of them.I also purchased a Schefflera and a Gold Capella aka Umbrella plant.Are these 2 types ok for her?I was reading up on them and it says they are toxic to dogs and cats but,in a very mild way.I wanted to get ur opinions before I put them in.Any other suggestions for plants.

Thanks again,


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I don't know much about the bulbs you are using. If your cage temp is 80 then you certainly don't need a heater! What is your basking temp then. the preferred bulb for you to use is a Zoo Med Reptisun 5.0 uvb tube. Most of us use these without issues! At two months old you do not even need a basking bulb. Your cage temps should be in the low to mid 70's. Sheffelera and Umbrella are basically the same plant and are cham safe. Baby chams are much more fragile and you have to careful not to overheat!


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The bulbs are the Exoterra Repti glo.
The temps close to bulbs are mid 80's and them it goes to mid 70's at mid cage.So it sounds like by just using the flourescent bulbs is enough heat.Can I get away with one or should I leave both.
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