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hey everyone, this is my first posting to this site i was recommended by a vet and looked around ... thought it was great, i was wondering if anyone could help me with my cham, i have a Jackson, he seems to be in good health (eating regulary), the only ordeal is i built him a tank, its got mesh walls and he climbs on the walls more than the vines, he is even sleeping on the wall tonight, this is the first night he slept there but should i be worried?? I have gotten the standard vine available at petsmart but i took some of the leaves off so he could have some open air... i have done plenty of research but i would like to hear something from someone with practical experience... is sleeping on the mesh normal??.... thanks everyone
Welcome to the forums. The rest of the welcome commitee will no doubt post tomorrow. Which vet recommended the website to you?

Sleeping on the mesh is not normal, and could start to be problematic if continued. climbing on the mesh of any cage usually means that there is something they dislike about the cage, ie; too small, wrong temperature, not enough branches, etc.

If you can take photos of your chameleons habitat, the forum members will be able to give you more suggestions.
dark picture

i took the picture, its dark but i hope u can see something i will try to post another one tomorow, i was just worried about it tonight... u guys know how it is, anyway, here it is i will try for a better one in the morning when his lights are on

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Hey nice to meet you, welcome to the forums.Hope you have a good expeireince here, feel free to ask any questions on your chams. or something that has to do with chams........Its always a pleasure to greet a new member.
it looks like u need a little more foliage .a real plant will help u out alot. cosmo used to climb the sides of his cage alot and when i put him in a biggger cage and added more vines he stopped. try that and see what happens
Hello and welcome to the site :)

I think the problem is he can't climb on those vines. They look to thin and I don't think the can support his weight. You should get thicker stronger vines and real plants ;)
tank (cont...)

yeah, i probably need more foilage, i am going to shop for a plant today but here is a pic for now, i dont know if this one is any more help than the other... also, i have an automatic mister (habba mist) that mists his tank every 3 hours for 45 seconds, this only goes on for 12 hours, so 4 mistings and sometimes when it comes on he starts to sway back and forth (simulating a leaf in the wind) and changes colors to whatever he is near, is this normal? also, i have a UVA lamp that is on for about 12 hours and a UVA lamp that comes on for about 3 hours a day, is this sufficient, or do they require less light (he seems to like the light) ?

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thanks again everyone
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He is probably swaying back and forth because of the vibrations made by the habba mister. Chams can't hear very well, but they can feel vibrations, and habba misters are noisy. On the subject of the habba mister... 45 seconds four times a day is not enough misting to keep your chameleon healthy. A minimum amount of misting would be two 10 minute sessions a day, and preferably more. Most chameleons won't start to drink immediately. The habba mister just doesn't cut it for hydration.

a real plant will definately help. and if he is kept indoors u myte wanna invest in a reptisun uvb bulb. the habbi mister is also not giving enough water. he needs way more water than that. i used to hand mist until i bought a promist mister now i mist four to five times a day atleast ten minutes each time. that might give you a better idea on how much they need to be misted
thanks for the input guys, i will be making major changes today lookks like i will be hand - misting a lot more until i get a promist, thanks again
Try home depot...their tropical plants are on sale...i got one yesterday for 10. Just make sure you wash the leaves with soapy water because most stores have sprayed pesticide on the leaves.
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