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Hey everyone, just thought I'd say hi. I'll post some pics of my guys in a few days. I have an adult female vield that I've had for years (she's my baby) and within the next week I'll be getting an adult breeding pair of smabava panthers. Can't wait! Anyway, thats it. Have a nice day! -Diana
great to have you here

Hi its great to have you here, you say you have a female veiled cham thats years old how old is she? if you dont mind me asking as its unusual as female veileds dont normally live to long due to the amount of eggs they lay & binding. You also say your getting a pair of sambava's soon , they are a great morph as ive kept them and many other chams in the past, at present i keep nosy be, soabana & blue bar ambilobe panthers.
My female veild is about 8 years old believe it or not. I'v owned her for about 5 years and she was 2 1/2 when I got her. I only bred her for the first year I had her and haven't since. She's only layed 2 unfertile clutches since I've owned her too, both in the second year I've had her. She hasn't layed any since so I think she got lucky:) She's been through A LOT though, she lost most of her tail to an unknown disease (luckily with extensive treatment managed to eradicate the problem) and has had pnuemonia twice, but she's still truckin and is as healthy and active as ever:) I love her to death though so I hope she's still got a few more years in her:) I can't wait to get the sambavas, they will be my first panthers. I'll make sure to post pics when they get here and I'll get one taken of gracie (female veiled) as well:) -Diana :D
Hello SambavaGirl, welcome to the chameleon forums :) :)

Gracie sounds like a wonderful cham. I look forward to seeing pics of her and your upcoming sambava pair.
Welcome ! You must be a good keeper if you've kept your female Veiled chameleon alive so long! I hope she lives for a few years yet bless her :)
I don't remember the dudes name I got gracie off of and I'm getting the sambava pair in a trade from someone over the internet. :D
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