Newbie Mistake


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I have been lurking around on this forum and noticed I am not the only one who is new to the chameleon world and ended up with my poor cham getting an eye problem. Thank goodness the breeder I purchased him from helped me get it cleared up right away. One of the things he said was--your cage may not be the cleanest. At first I thought, I clean it everyday, I researched for months to create the perfect cage. My second thought was, ok I am new to this, so give it a good looking over. I sat and looked at his cage, than stuck my head in there and inhaled. Not good. I had way too many plants, soil that was way too wet, places for crickets to hide and die, missed poop. To my horror his cage was way too dense, dank and had become a breeding place for bacteria and who knows what else. Out it all came. I used a blow dryer to dry out the super wet soil in the ficus tree, thined it out. Scrubbed the cage down. My sweet hubby made a drain under the ficus tree. I didnt put all the other plants in. Now the cage is bright, airy and has good drainage and no smell. I noticed right away my little guy was so happy and was now going in areas he never use to go cause it was so thick in there. I can find the poop easily and he can find his crickets and has discovered all the fun branches in his cage. It's so wonderful to see him going in all areas of the cage now. I am extremely happy I had purchased from an experienced breeder who was there to help me when I needed it. So if your new like me and are having health issues and someone says, maybe your cage isnt as clean as you think.....please take a second look at your cage, stick your head in there and smell what your cham is breathing. You may be surprised at what you find.
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