New Veiled Owner. HELP! crickets too big?


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My chameleon is around 3 months old. I've had him 2 days. He has only eaten 4 crickets. Is this because they are too big? I read they shouldn't eat anything bigger than the space between there eyes. Is this true? Here is a pic of Tunechi eating breakfast...

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Yes its true. you need smaller crickets, then he will eat more. pinheads may be a pit too small, so try the next size up.


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that's a pretty girl you have. def. need smaller crickets. she should be eating 8-10 small per day (but really you should allow her to decide how much she would like to eat). and since she is still so young, you may want to cup feed her. it's the easiest way to feed them and allow them to eat how ever much they need to. You will want to put the crickets into a larger open cup (deep enough so the crickets can't escape).


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Get 1/4 inch and she could eat 15 of those no problem! The crick in that picture is far too big!!!
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