New Veiled Chameleon!


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Vinny the 4 month old Veiled Chameleon.

I went to the pet expo today. This lady came up and was like, "Um, can I put this in with my other chameleon?" My heart dropped. He was the coolest thing I had EVER SEEN... But he told her he wouldn`t recommend it and the girl got all pissed off and put the chameleon back on the table. She was rather rough when putting his little container back on the table ;~; My mom wanted to go but then we realized the chameleon was not letting go and I, did NOT want to put him down, because I didn`t want anyone else getting him. $50, and a heartbeat later, I`d made a new friend for life xD I`d been looking into getting a Chameleon for well over a year now, and my dream has come true <3 :)


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nice pick up,

he looks good.

is this your first cham? you learn alot here

and welcome to the forums:cool: if it wasnt already pre-established:p

and your guy doesnt look 4 months..actually to me he looks at least 6 months

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Congrats on the new veiled! What a cutie! He looks older then 4 months though ;-) exactly what Ace said! It doesn't matter off course.. Have a good time together!


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He could be 4 months, or a tad older but he is still young, abd beautiful. Keep us posted as he grows. If this is your first chameleon, you may want to fill out the how to ask for help form and let us give you suggestions on your caging, lighting, temps, etc.


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This is the first time I see a veiled having the same issue as mine and then I'm pointing at his chin.

I got my veiled from a friend because someone who bought it from him wasn't taking care of him well. He had a big bump on his chin just like yours has, but I can't figure out how exactly this happened.

I was guessing as he was in a glass enclosure and get's aggresive as soon as he sees his own reflection, he bumped the glass to attack or something.

Do you know if your male has been in any kind of situation like that which could have caused this? The bump on your veiled's chin is little smaller but looks exactly the same.

It's not that it's really bothering my veiled, just makes him look a little weird :p
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